Fibre Artist, Weaver, Painter, Assembler, Poet

There is something very satisfying about creating a woven surface. My initial commitment to the visual arts was in fibre art.  So here I am twenty-three years later - having focused on my development as an abstract expressionist painter for some fifteen years - returning to fibres.

It is fascinating for me to recognize how my work has been impacted by a whole other experience base:

Gathering "objects from nature" has been a life long passion for me, little blessings that hold a power of their own.  I feel a sense of great joy in discovering their place in these woven works.

The pieces are presented in a format that lends itself to figuration composition, giving them a sense of presence, their own entity as it were.

I like the way viewers respond immediately to the authenticity and warmth of the work.  Having been guided into creating this art form feels much like a coming home, a culmination of life's experiences, a journey into other realms. For all of this I am truly grateful.
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